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eBook, Paperback, Hardcover, Audiobook

Print length:

410 pages


6" x 9"




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The Blake Cutter Detective Series: Book 2

In the sequel to Past the Line, Penelope Lane, the alleged murderer of real estate tycoon Phillip Drummond and his wife, is in police custody in a local hospital, recovering from falling off a roof during an arrest confrontation with Agent Blake Cutter. Reputed mobster Bennie DeSalvo, who was connected to Drummond, must tie up loose ends. He wants Drummond’s mistress Penelope dead. A mole in the police department provides him Penelope’s location. DeSalvo orders the kidnapping of Penelope, despite police security. The plan is successful. Penelope is kidnapped by DeSalvo’s main henchmen under the cover of a hospital bombing. Meanwhile, Agent Cutter must plan an unsanctioned rescue while also protecting Penelope from a murder indictment. Cutter believes she’s the only remaining lead into uncovering the culprit in his wife’s murder. For Cutter, it’s a race against time. He must risk his career to infiltrate the mob’s secret drug smuggling location and save Penelope before the case is commandeered by a federal agent with a hidden agent. An unsanctioned raid led by Cutter results in the death of mobster Bennie DeSalvo and Penelope’s rescue. But DeSalvo’s two main henchmen escape. Penelope is later exonerated of murder charges through a plea bargain but committed to a psychiatric hospital. Cutter is frustrated that DeSalvo’s death and Penelope’s incarceration prevents him from learning the identity of the person responsible his wife’s death. After a series of events lead to Cutter suspension from SBI, he learns through secret communication with Penelope that she suspects DeSalvo’s boss in Miami, a mafia kingpin named Ransom Oliver has extended the mission to locate and terminate her.

Blue Smoke


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