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My Daily Alphabet Soup: A Poem by E.T. Milligan

from the poetry book ‘Images of Life’

My Daily Alphabet Soup by E.T. Milligan, from the poetry book Images of Life

My Daily Alphabet Soup: A poem by E.T. Milligan

I wrote this poem one day when I wondered if I could combine the humorous elements of the alphabet and use it to take a person through the hustle and bustle of the working world.

My Daily Alphabet Soup

Alarm clock’s sounding, wakes me at eight

Breakfast I’ll miss and boy am I late

Carpoolers call, from their cellular phone

Dead phone, and they’re long gone

Eggmuffin’s soggy, colder than ice

Fried ham’s a mold, even fried rice

Gotta get to work quickly, to clean up the trash

Heinecken bottles, from the night’s beer bash

Inside there’s trash clogging my space

Janitors with push brooms in my face

Kidney’s stone howling, Pepto’s my pop

Lamenting sadly, as stockprices drop

Metal’s now bearish, like my crypto last week

Nuggets gone crashing, the whole market’s weak

Out for lunch, at half past one

Pounding down tacos, indigestion’s no fun

Quick to the closet, for an afternoon snooze

Rally’s not coming, but nothing to lose

Scurried out the building, just missed the train

Ten minutes for a taxi, in pouring down rain

Under the boardwalk’s, a Hark Rock Café

Vermouth n’ Pretzels, just made my day

Wild bunch a calling, for nightlife to go,

X’d that ideal, for a late night talk show

Yawning quite restless, at half past three

Insomnia’s over,


Copyright © Edward T. Milligan, 2005

All rights reserved.


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