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Variations of Man’s Preamble: A Poem about Liberty and Equality

Updated: Jul 2

by E.T. Milligan

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Variations of Man’s Preamble: A Poem about Liberty and Equality

I wrote this poem ‘Variations to Man’s Preamble’ to highlight the criticality of our nation members’ ability to promote and maintain the precepts set forth in the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution and to ensure our culture and society can continue to grow and prosper during the 21st Century. As noted in the words of the poem, there is still much work to be done to ensure liberty and equality for all people and provide a beacon of light for our present and future generation to shine as they lead our nation toward peace and tranquility in this century and beyond.

It is our hope…. but together, let’s make it our destiny.Variations of Man’s Preamble A Poem about Liberty and Equality

Variations of Man’s Preamble

A Poem by E.T. Milligan

.T. Milligan

we the people,

the tired, the hungry

laboring for but a subtle glimpse

of the healthy, the wealthy

souls made separate by carelessness

and variations bestowed upon us

that severs a nation

into desperation, more or less

in this more perfect union

we flee from our sovereignty

escaping what appears to be

bonds disguised as democracy

where racial suppression

embodies oppression

as we swallow bits of indecency

‘till we fully digest mediocrity

when our establishment of justice

offers the sacrifice of faithfuls

we feed the expense of rebels

knifing at the juggler veins of justice

killing, stealing, extorting, corrupting

our calluses cradle the pitchforks of fantasies

digging and scrapping towards

piles and mounds of inequity

in seeking domestic tranquility

bitter hours rush past minutes

rushing towards voluminous volumes of gunfire

sirens signaling a deafening disturbance

as the once comforts of home

bring a confinement in time

more terrifying than flying

in a state of clear air turbulence

as commons provide defense of freedom

gatherers of high inventions

justify their means of conflict

furthering methods of destruction

while finding discussions a scarcity

and hiding crude intentions

amid political potpourri

‘till their reclamation passes,

like the phoenix rise from the ashes

can the welfare of our nation

cease promotion of cessation

as visions of ivory towers

crumble to the depths of ebony slums

while in a hodgepodge of confusion

the inner city promiscuity

brings of minds to envision

that pretentions means progression

instead of clear cut ambiguity

may we be indeed

be blessed with the liberties

that gives us freedom of choice

and uplifts our every voice

to rival content over color

to fight the pretenses of prejudice

despite of pledges to the spirits

that endowed to create us,

we progress towards a cause, unjust

never had questioned

that we owed ourselves prosperity

but can our independence

from God and all his sanctities

compromise theology

when man is sure to see a time

when cries of sure to echo through

those silent pews and tabernacles

while problems, juggled empty-handed

bring many others, yet to tackle

is it time to now unscramble

the precepts varied from man’s preamble

do we ordain or do we gamble

with justice, tranquility, freedom and prosperity

do we even understand the severity

that’s facing man’s degradation

the church, the home

the influence of multi-media

will we recapture strength forgone

or face our destiny alone

when the time of retribution

inspires a new restitution

we must gather to reclaim

those valued institutions

that endeavor to renew

our patience, nerve and sinew

while seeking brave solutions

to forces that dishonor

our people, our power, our Preamble

our Glory, God and Constitution.

Copyright © Edward T. Milligan, 2005

All rights reserved.


a poem by E.T. Milligan - awarded poet - I'll Never Die

If you enjoyed this poem, I have another one that I think you'll love. Let's continue this poetic journey together! Explore I'll Never Die or leave comment below. Your thoughts and feedback mean the world to me.


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Mary Hayes
Mary Hayes
Jun 04, 2023

I love your poem it’s the truth .God please u My Big Brother Edward T.Milligan


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